Team Members

Pioneer Natural Resources USA and Tunisia

  • Set industry cycle records offshore and onshore oil developments
  • Utilized Early Production Field (EPF) and modular concepts
  • Offshore Field sold for $1.1 Billion and Onshore Field sold for $885 million after multiple paybacks on capital investment

AWE Umuroa FPSO New Zealand

  • 12 focused experts deliver FPSO & Subsea Installation in 14 months after contract award and first oil 17 months after contract award
  • Produced $2 billion of oil in first 18 months of production on $300 million capital investment

Chevron / Noble Energy Aseng FPSO

  • 14 focused experts deliver FPSO/subsurface 5 months early and on budget
  • Most FPSO projects been plagued by schedule and cost overruns. The Aseng example can give operators and contractors some insights into their project execution methodology which in turn can assist them in achieving their execution targets

Process Engineer Specialist – Digital Twin Architect and Automation

  • Utilization of digital twins has saved 40% of project costs from inception
  • Extensive worldwide oil and gas production experience and CO2 recovery and reinjection

Well Engineer

  • 40 years exp decommissioning of Wells and Facilities, Production Operations, Well Intervention
  • Completions, Re-Completions, Facility Construction and Gas Processing.
  • HPHT, high rate, and H2S wells

Petroleum Operations and Digitization Consultant

  • Offshore installation manager for Norway’s fastest discovery to production project (BG Knarr)
  • Industry expert at data visualization and analysis

Senior Project Engineer

  • 25+ years of engineering experience with a unique blend of engineering and project management
  • He uses continuous improvement and lean manufacturing techniques including problem solving, root
  • cause failure analysis, 5 whys, check and adjust

Communications and Wellhead Automation Consultant

  • 30-year career has been focused on solving hands-on technical problems in the pipeline transportation,
  • tanker terminal, military, aviation, public safety, offshore, subsea, and marine industries
  • Remote, mobile, and unmanned facilities. Hydraulic, satellite, fiber-optic, trunked, cellular, acoustic, line of sight, and ionospheric bounce