Oil and Gas

Jasper Technologies has specialist teams of engineers that designs, manufactures and supplies complete equipment packages for the Oil and Gas markets. JTI designs and manufactures well testing, production and managed pressure drilling services. With meticulous attention to detail, JTI offers packaged solutions that are both versatile and seamless: everything has been designed to work together perfectly whilst giving operators the flexibility to adapt. With a wealth of hands-on experience from across the world, JTI provides products that are perfectly suited to your application through tried and field tested solutions. Fully certified to industry and governmental standards and backed up by extensive operational experience and customer support, JTI packages let you get on with the job on hand, safe in the knowledge that you’re backed by world class standards and products.


JTI supplied sulphur recovery units are fitted with steam jackets. Steam Jackets are fitted to help keep process temperatures elevated, to stop polymerization, which can be extremely problematic to downstream pipework and valves. Often with Sulphur Recovery applications high levels of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) are present. (H2S) is highly corrosive and extremely toxic. Sometimes Sulphur Recovery Units are referred to as Tail Gas Units.


5 years of Maintenance Free Operations

In our ever changing and highly demanding industry, drilling companies need products to not only be innovative but also surpass quality. JTI understands that product repairs and maintenance are necessary but maximizing the efficiency and longevity of the products are important to reduce both time and costs.

Our Major Middle Eastern customer purchased 4-1/16’ 10K Drilling Choke Manifolds for two separate projects that were used on their Land Rigs for their operations. After 5 years in service for each; the recertification of these manifolds and the minimal cost of spare parts wasn’t even 10% of equipment value supplied by us; is yet another example of our innovation made efficient and cost effective for years to come.

Let JTI save you on downtime and costs by allowing us to design, assist, problem solve and supply you with our world class products and expertise.


USA, UK (Scotland), Norway, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Venezuela, South Africa, Japan etc.