Power Stations and Steam Turbines

JTI combines hundreds of years of experience in all aspects of power station maintenance and refurbishment, steam turbine design, engineering, maintenance, repairs and evaluation to bring you one of the most comprehensive and experienced independent steam turbine engineering service teams in the world.


Steam turbine in service evaluation and cycle analysis.

Mechanical and thermodynamic design

Failure Analysis, FEA, CAD and lab analysis capability

Steam path audits

Onsite training courses specific to customer units

Outage scheduling Major and Minor inspection bid spec preparation

Repair solution design reviews

New equipment bid spec preparation and bid reviews, feasibility studies.

Troubleshooting steam path performance issues, operational and auxiliary system issues.

24/7 tech support for steam turbine issues, questions and problems.

External compression section


New and surplus steam turbines, generators, gas turbines, aero-derivative turbine generator sets

New and surplus balance of plant equipment such as pumps, motors, transformers breakers

Aircraft engines and parts for all types of jets

We have used equipment for any power plant need from motors, to water treatment systems to turbines and boilers

The most comprehensive in service steam turbine generator inspection and evaluation and monitoring program in the industry! Expert evaluation of STG performance and operational efficiency Preventative monitoring to reduce risk of unwanted trips Basis of condition based maintenance and outage interval decisions

Detailed evaluation of all critical steam turbine generator auxiliary systems which are the primary reason for unit trips

No disruption in operation for evaluation

Adding borescope during outage increases CBM data

Can be done between 2-4 times/yearly

Outage and parts planning support

Product service and technical support; available for program members – 7 days/365 days/year

Troubleshoot turbine steam path, performance and auxiliary system issues

General turbine operational issues

Turbine and generator controls problems

Eliminate chronic issues: water in lube oil lube oil leaks through oil deflector/seals o excess generator H2 leakage

Team of highly experienced Field Engineers for outage management/technical direction

Complete Power Station Engineering, solutions, installations and consulting


KEPCO- Tangjin, Korea- (8) GE 11,000 HP Boiler Feed Pump Turbines

KEPCO- Wolsong, Korea- (4) GE Boiler Feed Pump Turbines

Shandong Power Authority- Zouxian, Shandong, China- (4) GE 8,600 HP Boiler Feed Pump Turbine

Egypt Elec Authority-El Kuriemat – (4) GE Boiler Feed Pump Turbines

Dong Fang Elec Corp- Ezhou, China- (2) GE 9,000 HP Boiler Feed Pump Turbines

PLN-Paiton, Indonesia- (4) GE Boiler Feed Pump Turbines

EPDC- Tachibana Bay, Japan- (2) GE Boiler Feed Pump Turbines

SONATRACH- Arzew, Algeria- (18) GE 40,000 HP Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines

CALTEX Oil Corporation, Map Ta Phut, Thailand- (2) GE 15,000 HP mechanical Drive Steam Turbines

Pertamina- Indonesia- Train G, (3) GE Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines

Pertamina- Indonesia- Train H, (3) GE Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines

Westlake Petrochemical-Lake Charles, LA- (2) GE mechanical Drive Steam Turbines

Novacor Chemical- Corunna, Ontario- GE Mechanical Steam Turbine

Union Gas Ltd- Windsor, Ontario- GE 30 Mw SAXC Steam Turbine Generator

Dead Sea Works, Ltd -Sdom, Israel – GE 52 Mw SC Steam Turbine Generator

Kissimmee Utility Authority-Cane Island, FL- GE 43 MW SC Steam Turbine Generator

Michigan Power-Ludington, MI- GE 58 MW DAXC Steam Turbine Generator

Shell Oil- Martinez, CA- GE 20 MW SAXNC Steam Turbine Generator

ORMAT Energy- Leyte, Philippines-(4) GE 28 MW SC Geothermal Steam Turbine Generators

Air Products and Chemicals- Los Angeles, CA-GE 25 MW DAXC Steam Turbine Generator

City of Medicine Hat- Medicine Hat, Alberta- GE 36 MW SAAC Steam Turbine Generator

SIGECO- Culley Power Station- Newburgh, IN- GE 60 MW SC Steam Turbine Generator

Dow Chemical-Terneuzen, Netherlands – GE 101 MW SC Steam Turbine Generator

Hemphill Power and Light-Springfield, NH

Engineered Flow/Power Upgrade of GE SC Steam Turbine Generator from 16 to 19 MW’s Windalco-Jamaica, WI

Failure Repair and Power Upgrade Of Worthington SNC Steam Turbine Generator

Engineered Upgrade, New Steam Path, Power Upgrade &Controls Upgrade of GE DAXC 15 MW PCA-Filer City, MI

Engineered Flow/Power upgrade/extraction modification to GE 20 MW DAXC ST Gen. Chevron-Cedar Bayou, TX

Engineered Flow/Power Upgrade Of (3) GE Mechanical Drive Turbines University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI

Engineered Upgrade of (3) 12.5 MW Worthington Steam Turbine Generators Westlake Chemical, Lake Charles, LA

Engineered Upgrade of GE Mechanical Drive Steam Turbine Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans-New Orleans, LA

Engineered Flow/Power &Efficiency Upgrade of 1919 Vintage GE Straight Condensing STG GP Toldeo, OR

Engineered Reapplication of 2 Used Units from Natchez, MS to Toledo, OR Site Georgia Pacific-Green Bay, WI

Replacement of Failed Westinghouse Unit with Reapplied and Upgraded 28 MW GE SC STG Wausau Paper, Groveton, NH

Engineered Upgrade and Backpressure Conversion of GE 2 MW Steam Turbine Generator Domtar Paper-Nekoosa, WI

Engineered Upgrade of GE 13 MW SAXNC Steam Turbine Generator Resolute Forest Product-Coosa Pines, AL

Engineered Reapplication and Upgrade for Turbodyne 25 MW SAXC STG Rock-Tenn-Demopolis, AL

Replacement of Failed Unit and Engineered Reapplication of GE Steam Turbine Generator Interstate Paper-Riceboro, GA

Engineered Upgrade of GE 12.5 MW SAXNC Steam Turbine Generator Equistar-Lake Charles, LA

Engineered Conversion of GE SC Steam Turbine Generator to Backpressure Operation of GE