Power Control Panel

State of the art Power Control Panel .

  • Hardening the facility and protection against lightning, surges and spikes, conditioning the incoming power and voltage and phase control.
  • NATO/”commercial” 60dB across 100kHz-1GHz.
  • Low leakage, very high current power line filters across the neutral line.
  • A complete system includes full power filtration with an attenuation of 60dBs across all 3 phases.
  • The system has both common mode and differential mode protection across all 3 phases.
  • Automatic Transfer Switching for Generators is included.

The system includes Full Lightning and Surge Protection, EMI and RFI Filtration, Generator Automatic Mains Control, sensing for Over and under voltage, and Out of Phase Controllers.

The system will automatically switch from mains power to generator and back to mains, when voltage or phase moves outside and back to acceptable levels.

We have included full-rating Power Circuit Breakers, Motor Control Breakers for Mains/Generator switching. World-class components are used for reliability.

Indicators are also included for ease of system operation and status visibility.

Products made to full CE and SABS specs; UL Available.

All prices include all materials, wiring & steelwork including heavy copper busbars when required.

Units have been supplied to:

  • X-Ray Machines and MRI/Cat Scanners
  • Computer Centres
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Malls
  • Casino’s
  • Industry for Drive, Motor and Machine Protection

These units have been successfully supplied and Installed in South Africa, England, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique etc

Additional information


60 Amps – 3000 Amps per Phase Available
Single and 3 Phase Available

EMI/RFI Attenuation

Typically 60dB dependent on Type and Application
Copper Busbar or Wiring Connections Supplied (Dependent on Current Ratings)

Surge and Lightning Protection

Class 1 and 2 used on Input and Class 2 used on Output

Voltage Sensing


Power Control Panel