Speciality Military Range

Jasper Technologies International  are pleased to inform you of our offering and capabilities to design and manufacture speciality military hardware, software and firmware.

  • Design and manufacture of board-level and embedded products MIL-STD-1553

    • Digital, Analog, Serial and Multifunction I/O

    • Digital Servo Control

    • FPGA and Microcontroller

  •   Standard products and custom designs

    • PCI and PCI Express

    • Mini PCI and Mini PCI Express

    • Compact PCI

    • VME and VXI

    • COM Express

    • Industry Pack

    • PMC and XMC

    • Replacement Boards and Firmware for other manufacturers’ obsolete products

  •   Complete solutions

    • Integrated hardware and software – from boards, to subsystems, to cabinets

    • Driver development

    • Application software

    • Long-term support

    • Documentation

Jasper Technologies International  has been providing our customers with state of the art Embedded Systems and I/O Solutions. In addition,  has focused on the design, manufacture and integration of leading-edge Data Acquisition and Digital Servo Control systems and subsystems.

We also offer our services to customize hardware, software and firmware to meet our customers’ specific system requirements.


  • Ball Aerospace/NASA Joined Polar Satellite System (JPSS) 1553 Communication (based on PMC-1553-2: Hardware and VxWorks® driver)

  • Lockheed Martin Aerospace Replacement for obsolete 1553 CCA from another manufacturer (hardware and firmware – drop-in with no system hardware or software modifications needed)

  • Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems & Sensors AN/WLD-1 Remote Mine Hunting System – Organic Mine Reconnaissance for the Littorals (based on  IP-1553: Hardware and VxWorks driver)

  • Northrop Grumman E-8 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) PCI based 1553 card for downstream data display (based on  PMC-1553-2: Hardware and Windows driver)

  • Lockheed Martin Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) 1553 Communication (based on PMC-1553-2: Hardware and VxWorks driver)


General Dynamics C4 Systems, Inc. 2 Channels CANbus Controller (based on  PCIe-MINI-CAN: Hardware, Windows / Linux® based CAN control software)


  • Boeing Company/Northrop Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) 8-channel Data Acquisition with DSP C31 controlled capability (based on  PCI-4PACK: PCI hardware and Windows® driver)

  • Boeing/USAF C-17 System Integrator Simulator – High-speed data acquisition and digital servo control system (based on  VDSP-431: VME hardware/software system)

  • Boeing Helicopter 16-channel load/displacement digital servo control system for Strap Pack test fixture (based on  VDSP-31: VXI hardware and LabWindowsTM software)

  • Honeywell Aerospace Large-scale system for data acquisition and control – Real-time data logging, archive and database retrieval, LAN with Allied Signal Fluid Systems network (based on VME-C31: VME hardware and LabWindows software, including custom GUI)

  • Raytheon Missile Systems Small Missile Test (based on  PCI-4SIP: Hardware and Linux driver)


  • Boeing Helicopter Intelligent Waveform Generator for the five-blade rotor hub (custom embedded microprocessor board, IEEE-488 control with Rocky Mountain BASIC software)

  • General Dynamics GeoEye-1 and -2 Control System, using ITT Imaging System (based on Industry pack: FPGA code and LabVIEWTM driver)

  • ITT Dummy Gun Director – Laser Controller Synchro Resolver Simulator (based on  CPCI-4APCK: cPCI hardware/software system to replace obsolete equipment)