UAV Observation Platform

JTI Group is technology leader in the area of radar, IFF & datalink, electro-optic and electronic warfare. The true might of our powerful sensors comes to show when they are combined – especially using our user-friendly command and control (C2) software solutions.

With our integrated solutions detection capabilities are improved substantially.


Counter UAV Solutions

Several incidents within the last years revealed that there is a rapidly emerging threat caused by small, cheap and commercially available UAVs. Armed and security forces as well as critical infrastructures and high level events are exposed to increasing threats by misused UAVs.

Threatening situations may result from thrill seekers who fly drones into prohibited areas or above people and facilities. But also from much graver illegal uses such as espionage, smuggling, sabotage or terrorism. Drones can record video or microphone as well as carry and drop prohibited items, toxic materials or even explosives. The threat from drones should not be underestimated.

The Xpeller Counter UAV solution combines various types of sensors and effectors for protection against small drones in any situation. It can easily be configured to individual needs, whether for security or military applications. The Xpeller workflow towards countering the UAV threat is based on a multi sensor/effector layer and a four step workflow of detect, identify, control and act.

All Xpeller configurations are based on standard off-the-shelf equipment for all-weather conditions and an intuitive, multi-sensor command & control software (C2).

Command and Control (C2) Software

JTI Group command, control and display software solutions, provide powerful integration for sensors, such as radars and cameras, within a single, simple, easy to use display package.

The software assist the user, in real time, to easily and quickly evaluate and coordinate a response through a ‘detect, recognise, identify and then classify’ methodology.